Here I sit someplace I should not be doing this at but who really cares.  No one sees this but myself and perhaps two or three others.  Kay and I are back together.  I moved back in a month and half ago.  We have roommates, my niece and her husband.  They also have two dogs so that makes for six pooches.  Scrappy has turned into the little digger to China.  There’s a hole in the backyard where a pecan tree used to be that has gotten bigger from settling and the little digger.  She has help though from Trixie and occasionally the rest of the pack.  Seems we have moles and she chases them.

The house down south appraised for $40,000.  It’s been broken into several times now.  The last time they took the stove and destroyed the A/C units.  The time before that they broke the refrigerator.  I have one person interested in it as a buffer zone.  I need to decide the lowest I’ll go on it if it’s a cash sale.  If I don’t sell it to the interested party, I will paint it and put it on the market with a realtor.