I’ve been laid up now for almost two months.  Two weeks after I got back from my last trip to Marksville, my left leg went to shit in a hand basket.  And I couldn’t use it without massive pain.  Went to the VA and they said my back was out and put me on a steroid pack for a week.  It got better then after I got off the steroids, it stopped getting better.  I went back and was told it could be up to two months before I got back to any sort of normalcy but at least that time, the doctor was speaking after taking x-rays.  The first idiot just said “oh your back is out” and sent me on my way.  The leg still bothers me but at least it is getting better.  I can walk pretty much normally but every once in a while, it still reminds me.  usually by the end of the day, I am back in some sort of pain again but each days does seem to be better than the last.

Wednesday is our 3rd wedding anniversary.  We will probably b in Marksville.