On Thursday, President Barack Obama, fresh off the win in the Senate, joined top Hill Democrats in pressing House Republicans for a vote on that bill, saying they’ll be responsible for a tax increase for all Americans.

“We need 218 votes in the House of Representatives — 218 votes in the House of Representatives — to make sure that 98% of Americans don’t see their taxes go up,” Obama told reporters after meeting with his Cabinet. To keep up the pressure, top administration officials will fan out around the country to push for the vote, the president said.

via Coming House tax cut battle really about framing general election – CNN.com

What happened to this country’s philosophy of equal and fair treatment for all?  Not just 98% of us.  A Democrat does not believe in this.  A Democrat believes in taking something from someone who earned it and give it to someone who has not earned it.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in offering a helping hand to someone in need and have done so more than once my life and will continue to do so.  What I won’t do is give something to someone with their hand out just for the sake of holding their hand out.  I predicted that Obama would be a single term president when he was elected almost four years ago and I believe that prediction will still come true.  Obama has done nothing for this country’s economy except to increase our debt in leaps and bounds than his predecessor and keep unemplyment running at around 8.5%.  While President Bush was not in office at the end of the Iraq War, it was his policy that brought the troops home, not Obama’s.  Obama’s policy will be responsible for bringing the troops home in Afghanistan and no one else.  I am not a Republican or a Tea Party fundamentalist.  I am a true independent and vote that way.  I am familiar with Mitt Romney’s politics as well as his private sector successes.  I was in Utah when he oversaw the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and made that venue profitable to the state as well as force the state to change some archaic laws that were based on the religious belief of the majority of that state of which he is a member of.  I have looked at his politics and while he does tend to “waffle”, but don’t we all from time to time.  And are we not allowed to change our opinions as well?  His message is pretty consistent.  He will get my vote come November..