We just got back from the fair.  It was fun time.  I rode a couple of rides Pam would not go on.  And then we rode the bumper cars and a whirl a hurl type ride.  There wasn’t much in the way of vendors this year, unlike last year.  We saw the Circus Hollywood.  It was fun.  We also checked out the 4-H section at the LSU Ag Center.  I learned something interesting.  Louisiana’s biggest crop it’s tree and strawberries is our biggest fruit crop.  It’s good to know things my state and where I live.

I am up for one of four supervisor positions at work.  Two on my account and two on the Windstream account.  It’s another DSL company so the transition would not be that big of an issue.  I turned down a second interview last week for the Sprint account.  Not in my best interests.  I feel really good about landing a supervisor job on my account because of the extra mile I’ve gone over the last few months.

I’ve added a gallery to the web site.  It’s pretty cool in how it works with only one file.  I’ve also got the source for it so I can modify it as I see needs.  It’s written in PHP.  I am not that familiar with the language but I have worked with it in the past so it’s not a that big of an issue.  I may try converting it to ASP or ASP.NET for the exercise.  But at least for now, I have a medium to post my photos online.