So the day begins as usual. I am sitting in the parking lot at work on my last 12 hour shift, at least for now. The new schedule starts next Sunday.

So it’s lunch time and it’s a blustery day. Listening to music in the car.

I have my new schedule for May but not June. It’s starting to get frustrating because I need to schedule a week off in June and I can’t. Asked my TM and he told me to wait until the team assignments come out. Oh well.

More later, time to go back in.

I have my schedule for June now and I also have my vacation scheduled. I have 10 days off in a row and only burn 40 hours of PTO. We haven’t decided yet what we are going to do but plans will be made.

The night has come to an end and I’m sitting here in bed . A severe thunder storm with massive lightning strikes and tornadoes over head and I was out in the middle of it. There was one strike that was close to the front of the car. When it hit everything went totally silent, no rain or anything at all. It seemed to last forever when the rain started up again. The first thing in my mind that all I wanted to do was get home safe so I could see my wife. As it turned out, the instant the lightning hit I drove under an overpass. It was white knuckle driving all the way home. While I’m not a religious man, I do believe in a more powerful being than I and I asked Him to guide me home one more time to the arms of a good woman

Strider on the go!